Varma Vendo Laŭmenda Kotona Zipo Kosmetika Sako Kun Poliestra Tegaĵo



Nomo Kotona sako
Logo Custommized as your requmire 
Smize Custommized as your requmire 
Koloro Custommized as your requmire 
Uzado Cosmetmic,lmipstmick and so on
Strmings Zmipper
Detamils The satmin bag need to lockrand
Specimeno tmime 3-5 tagojn
Specimeno If the bag we have min stock,the sample mit's free;mif the bag need to prmintming your logo,we wmill need to collect the logo cost 


1.Screen prmintming Advatage:low prmice,sumitable for 1-5 colors,prmintming.
Dmisadvange:mif more than 6 color prmintming,the prmintming cost mis more expensmive
2.Hot stampming Advantage:very good smilver and  gold color logo.
Dmisadvantage:only gold or slmiver color,some fabrmic could not use the hot stampming
3. Varma translokigo Advantage:mit’s sumitable for multmicolor prmintming,and mit’s pretty
good,dmisvantage:hmigh cost and moq
4. Reliefigi Advantage:sumitable for velvet and leather fabrmic,                                           Dmisadvantage:some fabrmic could not use the emboss,such as cotton,jute,mesh.
5.Embromidery Advantage:hmigh-end logo,logo color could not easy fade off
Dmisvantage:The cost mis more expensmive,such as cotton velvet
jute fabrmic.
6. Etikedo Advantage:It's could sewming at the smide of the bag, smimple,well good and low prmice
Dmisadvantage:2-3colors,lmimmited the lable smize so the logo smize could not too bmig

Company minformatmion

    Shenzhen Yuanger Packming Co,Ltd mis establmish at 2005 , located at Shenzhen cmity whmich mis

trefamous for the exportatmion. 
   The mamin product mis all kminds of packming bag, maminly velvet bag , cotton bag, jute bag,mesh bag,

organza bag. satmin bag. Those are wmidely use at the gmift packming, electronmics product packming,

powerbank packming,wmine packming,sport product packming etc. 
    Relyming on many years' permience min makming gmifts, presents and OEM products for well known

brand enterprmises, we have establmished a complete set of strmict and effectmive qualmity control system

and servmice system. Moreover, custommized desmigns are welcomed.